Temperature control is the single biggest use of energy in your home, and thus it is the largest contributor to your energy bill at the end of the month. Having a properly designed and installed heating and cooling system in your home will substantially reduce your energy costs, saving you money. To be sure you’ll achieve this, choose R.J. Groner Co. for your installation.

Heating and Cooling System Installations

R.J. Groner Co. is your go-to for all heating and air conditioning installations. We provide complete home HVAC system installation, including ductwork. Our experts will assist you in choosing the right heating and cooling solution for your situation. We’ll help you get the best return on investment, not only on the initial purchase of your hvac system, but also in the long run by factoring in maintenance requirements and energy efficiency.  Our heating and cooling system installations can be bundled with warranties and extended warranties to ensure a long-lasting temperature regulating system in your home.

Central Heating and Cooling Installations

Central or ducted heating and cooling systems are separate systems that utilize the same ducts to distribute both warm and cool air throughout your home and the same thermostat controls to regulate the temperature.

Ductless Heating and Cooling Installations

A ductless heat pump or air conditioner typically consists of a wall-mounted indoor unit combined with an outside compressor. It is most often used in a situation where a window AC unit or baseboard heating would be considered, such as in a new addition to a house. Unlike a window AC unit, a ductless unit requires only a very small hole to be drilled into the wall, making it less vulnerable to security problems and air leakage.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Installations

Geothermal heat pumps can integrate with existing systems such as traditional forced air or radiant floor heating. It can also be installed in a new home or office building. Hydronic radiant heating systems will require water-to-water heat pumps while forced air systems will require a water-to-air heat pump. The size of the geothermal heat pump and the ground loop required depends on the heating and cooling requirements for your home.  It is critical in ensuring the efficiency and performance of the geothermal system.

Family Heating and Cooling Installation

Why Choose R.J. Groner Co.

Choose R.J. Groner Co. for your installation. We provide:

  • Free in-home consultation with one of our HVAC specialists.
  • Help to select an energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system that will meet your comfort preferences and lifestyle.
  • Proper sizing of the equipment to meet the unique needs of your home.
  • A convenient way to pay for your installation through our flexible financing options, subject to credit approval.
  • Full factory warranties on all equipment and labor.
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction quality guarantee

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