When cold weather hits, you need reliable heating systems installed by a reputable company. R.J. Groner Co. is here to help. It is easy to ignore your home heating system. After all, the only time you have probably given it a second thought is when adjusting the thermostat. Heating can be an expensive and confusing installation. However, with R.J. Groner’s expert advice and knowledge, we can help narrow down the right product for your home heating installation needs from the range of options.

Heating Systems

R.J. Groner Co. specializes in home heating system solutions. We have a wide selection of heating units that can cater to your individual needs:

Boiler Installation - heating installers

Central Heating Installations

Installing central heating requires careful planning and a sound understanding of the necessary materials. It includes the following:

  • Selecting the boiler,
  • Selecting the radiators,
  • Laying the pipes,
  • Installing the control system, and
  • Connecting the boiler to the gas supply.

R.J. Groner Co. will do all this and check the entire system to see if it is safe to use and if it will effectively heat your home. 

Heating Duct Installation

If you are considering the installation of a central air conditioner or heating system when you previously used a different kind of system, such as radiators or baseboard heating, then the installation of ducts and vents will be a required part of the project.

Geothermal Heating Installation

Geothermal heat pumps can easily be integrated with existing systems such as traditional forced air or radiant floor heating. It can also be installed in a new building. Hydronic radiant heating systems will require water-to-water heat pumps while forced air systems will require a water-to-air heat pump. The size of the geothermal heat pump and the size of the ground loop required depends on the heating and cooling requirements for your home – they are critical to ensuring the efficiency and performance of the system.

Why Choose R.J. Groner Co.

This is important: you don’t want to have poor work done in your home or business. You most certainly do not want to have to deal with getting the system looked over, or repaired, after just having it installed. We, at R.J. Groner Co., pride ourselves on being professional contractors with a good reputation, and we stand by our work.

At R.J. Groner Co., we aim to minimize your cost of ownership by considering all the factors beyond the initial installation cost.

  • We minimize your monthly energy cost and your yearly maintenance cost.
  • We offer warranties and extended warranties to ensure your heating and cooling solutions last, and that you get the return on investment that you are seeking.
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

At R.J. Groner Co. we understand that there are many heating and cooling companies out there, and they all offer heating and cooling services, which is why we aim to be the best. Our attention to detail, catering to our customer’s needs, and our follow-up after a sale and installation are unparalleled and the reason why we’re still in business today.

This Time Do IT Right!

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