When it comes to installing air conditioning in your home, a lot of people don’t realize that they have a number of different options that they can choose from. For example, in addition to the standard central air conditioning system, one alternative that has been gaining in popularity over recent years is the ductless a/c system.

A ductless a/c system is exactly what it sounds like – a system that, unlike a central air conditioning system, doesn’t make use of ducts. Instead, a ductless a/c system consists of separate units installed directly into each room of your home. The following are a few tips to help you choose which type of air conditioning system will benefit your home the most:

When To Choose A Central Air Conditioning System

The following are some reasons why you might want to go with a central air conditioning system:

  • You already have ducts – If your home already has a duct system, then you might as well just install a central a/c system since all you have to do is hook up your new unit to the existing ventilation. It will end up being both less expensive and quicker to do so.
  • You live in a humid area – If you live in an area that’s known for its humidity, or your home tends to have high humidity levels, then a central a/c system will generally work better to control the humidity. This is because ductless a/c systems simply don’t have the capabilities needed to properly remove moisture from the air.
  • You want to hide your a/c – You can hide your central a/c unit in the basement, whereas a ductless a/c system requires that you install units on the walls of every room.
  • You want better air flow – A central a/c system is a forced air system, which means that air will continuously flow throughout your home. There’s no such air flow with ductless a/c units because they are only cooling the air within individual rooms. This can sometimes lead to issues with stagnant air.

When to Choose a Ductless Air Conditioning System

The following are some of the benefits of choosing a ductless a/c system instead:

  • There’s no room for a duct system – If you live in a building that doesn’t have space in the walls or ceilings to build a duct system, then a ductless a/c system is the obvious alternative.
  • You’re building another room – If you’re adding space onto your house, it can be less expensive to use a ductless a/c unit for that space instead of connecting it to your home’s existing duct system.
  • You want to minimize dust – One of the problems that forced air systems are known for is an accumulation of dust in the ducts, which is then spread throughout the home. With a ductless a/c system, less dust will be introduced to the rooms within your home.
  • You want more control – One of the biggest advantages that a ductless air conditioner has over a central air conditioning system is the ability to control the temperature in each individual room. For example, if you’re in the living room, you can choose to adjust the temperature to your comfort level without doing so throughout the whole house. This kind of control can allow you to save a substantial amount on your monthly energy costs.

As you can see, both types of air conditioning systems offer a number of different benefits that you can take advantage of depending on what your needs are. Be sure to use these tips to help determine which a/c system will best suit your home and speak to a professional HVAC installation company that has expertise in these systems.

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