The Earth absorbs almost 50% of all solar energy and remains at a constant temperature of 50 °F to 70 °F depending on the geographical location. A geothermal unit utilizes this constant temperature for the heating and cooling of your home.

You can realize up to 60% energy savings with a geothermal system vs. traditional systems. There is no flame, no flue, no odors, and no loud outdoor equipment. A single compact unit can provide heating, air conditioning, and hot water.

Geothermal Heating Installation

Geothermal Heating System Installation in Stroudsburg, PASpecialized technical knowledge and equipment are needed to properly install the piping. So, a geothermal heating system installation is not a do-it-yourself project.

Thankfully, R.J. Groner Inc. is qualified to install, maintain, and repair geothermal heating units. The ground heat exchanger in a Geothermal Heating system is made up of a closed or open loop pipe system.

The most common is the closed loop, in which a high-density polyethylene pipe is buried horizontally at 4 to 6 feet deep or vertically at 100 to 400 feet deep. These pipes are filled with an environmentally friendly antifreeze/water solution that acts as a heat exchanger. In the winter, the fluid in the pipes extracts heat from the earth and carries it into the home. In the summer, the system reverses and takes heat from the home and deposits it to the cooler ground.