With inclement weather just outside your door, you want a Heating and Cooling solution in Monroe County that is professional, efficient, and affordable. For that to happen you need reliable equipment installed by a reputable company. For the best family heating and cooling services around Monroe County, R.J. Groner Inc. is here to help.

Heating & Cooling Services in Stroudsburg, PA

Installation, Repair And Maintenance

When choosing a heating and cooling company, you want to choose a reputable and professional service provider. R.J. Groner Inc.. is at the forefront of reliable installation, repair and maintenance of all your heating and cooling home systems.

Heating And Cooling Units

R.J. Groner Inc. specializes in heating and cooling solutions for both business and home applications. We have a great selection of heating and cooling units and systems that will cater to every need:

Monroe County Heating And Cooling

Heating and cooling systems have three basic components: a source of warmed or cooled air, a means of distributing the air throughout the home, and a thermostat control used to regulate the system. The sources of warm air and cool air often use the same distribution and control systems, with cool and warm air flowing through the same ductwork throughout the home, regulated by the same thermostat.

Central Heating And Cooling in Stroudsburg, PA

Ductless Heating And Cooling

A ductless air conditioner or heat pump typically consists of an outside compressor with a wall-mounted indoor unit. It is most often used where a window air conditioner unit or baseboard heating would be considered, such as in a new addition to your home or office building. But unlike a window unit, a ductless unit requires only a small hole to be drilled through the wall, making them less visible and audible and less vulnerable to security problems and air leakage.

Mitsubishi Heating And Cooling

Considering a ductless system would cost more than installing traditional window units, you want the best, most efficient, and most reliable ductless system in the industry installed by a professional and reputable company.R.J. Groner Inc. is here to help. We stock, install, service, repair, and maintain a variety of Mitsubishi ductless systems. Mitsubishi units use a zoned comfort technology, which provides excellent energy efficiency, performance, and control to home cooling and heating.

Geothermal Heating And Cooling

The earth absorbs almost half of all solar energy and remains at a constant temperature of between 50 °F and 70 °F depending on geographical location. A geothermal unit uses this constant temperature for heating and cooling your home or office building.

With a geothermal unit, you can realize up to 60% energy savings vs. traditional AC units. There is no flue, no flame, no odors, and most important of all no loud outdoor equipment. Heating, cooling, and hot water can all be attained from a single unit.

If you are unsure of which heating and cooling solution would work best for your circumstances, contact us for a free consultation and we will help you narrow down your options and recommend a system suitable to your requirements.

Why Choose R.J. Groner Inc.

At R.J. Groner Inc., we aim to minimize your cost of ownership by considering all the factors beyond the initial installation cost. We minimize your monthly energy cost and your yearly maintenance cost. We also offer warranties and extended warranties to ensure your heating and cooling solutions last, and that you get the return on investment that you are seeking.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We Offer A Satisfaction Guarantee

At R.J. Groner Inc. we understand that there are many heating and cooling companies out there, and they all offer similar services and systems, which is why we aim to be the best. Our attention to detail, catering to our customer’s needs, and our follow-up after a sale and installation are unparalleled.

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