Are you interested in radiant heating in Stroudsburg, PA? The most popular form of this type of heating system is radiant floor heating. Wall and ceiling radiant heat are also available, and that makes sense if you have limited space for baseboards or ductwork.

With our cold and snowy winters in the Pocono Mountains, radiant heat is a great option for keeping your home warm. Whether you’re considering it as a primary heat source or supplemental heat for specific rooms, there are several advantages to this type of heating.

Radiant Floor Heating Experts

Radiant heat systems sit beneath floors or behind walls and ceilings. They can be hydronic, electric, or air systems. This type of system works by transferring heat from the source and delivering it through tubing, mats, or reflective panels to a surface via radiation. Radiant heat relies on convection.

This is the natural circulation of heat as air rises within a space. The rising warm air is specific to radiant floor heating and can supplement wall and ceiling radiant heat to offer more complete warmth circulating within the room. We find there are some clear advantages to this type of heating system.