Dual-Fuel Systems Installations

Dual-Fuel Hybrid Heating and Cooling Systems

Maximize your home’s heating and cooling output while keeping energy costs down with a versatile dual fuel hybrid heat system dual-fuel system. Technology has advanced a long way since HVAC systems first appeared. Isn’t it time to upgrade your climate control with the latest in-home comfort? Choose the HVAC professionals for amazing quality, total customer satisfaction, and worry-free installation.

What Is A Dual-Fuel System?

A dual-fuel system supplements the heating and cooling properties of an electric heat pump with a gas furnace. Normally, a high-quality heat pump takes care of HVAC beautifully while minimizing energy consumption. However, if the temperature drops significantly during winter, it can force your heat pump to run nonstop. This tends to be energy-intensive and expensive. Hybrid heating systems switch to furnace heat automatically and save you money.

What Are The Benefits Of Hybrid HVAC?

At R.J. Groner Inc., we want to make enjoying perfect indoor temperatures as easy as possible. Our dual-fuel systems deliver many benefits for homeowners:

  • Faster heating
  • Increased system longevity
  • Cozier winter temperatures
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • More responsive climate control

If you hate waking up on winter mornings to a cold home, you’ll love the strong heating of dual-fuel systems. They offer maximum flexibility for Pennsylvania’s changing climate.

How Do We Provide The Best Dual-Fuel System Maintenance?

At R.J. Groner Inc., we go above and beyond to provide the best service year-round. By choosing certified professionals, you never have to worry about a thing. Here are some of our services:

Dual-Fuel System Maintenance

  • Custom dual-fuel system installation: Choose the best installation for years of dependable performance.
    Excellent HVAC upgrades: Dual-fuel systems are ideal for replacing older HVAC systems that consume too much electricity.
  • Complete fuel system repairs: Our certified technicians have extensive experience with heat pump repairs and furnace repairs.
  • Preventative HVAC maintenance: The best way to prevent problems is to schedule regular system maintenance. We perform in-depth checks that leave dual-fuel units like new.
  • 24/7 emergency furnace repairs: With R.J. Groner Inc. professionals by your side, you never have to suffer through hot summers or cold winters because something stopped working. We’re ready to help at a moment’s notice.

At R.J. Groner Inc., you can count on our professionals to help you select the right HVAC dual-fuel system for your needs. Whether you’re working from home or relaxing together as a family, an amazing HVAC system is one of the best investments you can make.

Why Choose R.J. Groner Inc.?

When you combine the best dual-fuel system with professional installation and high-quality maintenance, you can enjoy incredible home comfort for ages. We customize everything to your home. Learn more about our HVAC options or schedule an appointment right away. Call (570) 595-1010 today!

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