Winter is in full swing and in some parts of the country, that means temperatures dropping to well below 0. Those lows mean HVAC systems will be working overtime and electricity bills will be skyrocketing.

If your family notices that you’re paying way too much on your utility bills during winter and summer, chances are, you could benefit from an energy efficient HVAC system.

Energy efficient HVAC systems bring with them a bevy of benefits for both the environment and for your bottom line.

Our team of home professionals is all about keeping consumers educated so they can enjoy the most bang for their heating and cool buck, year round. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of interesting ways upgrading your HVAC system can help you save serious money!

1. Your Electricity Bill Will Decrease

The most obvious benefit an energy efficient HVAC system will bring to your family is a lower utility bill.

HVAC systems that are energy friendly know how to do the cooling job you’re accustomed to while expending a fraction of the electricity old systems do. That means you will be able to save money each month without your family needing to make any sacrifices to their comfort.

The vast majority of people that upgrade their HVAC system find that the savings they enjoy pay off the cost of their system upgrade over time. After your system is paid off, every penny you save is money in your pocket.

You can get more in-depth information on HVAC systems and utility savings on the federal Energy Star website.

2. More Comfort In Your Home Means Less Need To Escape

Have you ever been in a situation where it was so uncomfortable in your house that you needed to leave?

People we know tell the same story every summer… “My house gets sweltering and I need to take shelter at a mall or local movie theater.”

If your home becomes too hot or too cold and you can’t counteract those temperatures because your utility bill is getting too high, an HVAC upgrade can save you a lot of money!

Imagine not having to buy movie tickets or shop to escape your uncomfortable house. Imagine instead being able to do free activities at home because your HVAC system is working efficiently.

We’re willing to bet that if you tallied up the savings at the end of a hot summer, you’d be astounded.

3. Better Temperature Detection

New, efficient HVAC systems are better at detecting the temperature in your home. That means that they can accurately heat or cool rooms without overdoing the job.

Accurate temperature detection means more comfort throughout your house. It also means never overspending unnecessarily due to a poor temperature read.

4. Reduction In Repair Costs

A good air conditioning repair company can fix anything. That doesn’t mean that the job will be cheap though.

If your HVAC system is dated, getting parts and finding the right labor to do fixes can be tough and expensive.

On the flip side, modern energy-efficient HVAC systems are more widely supported by technicians. They also have a wider section of OEM and after-market parts which can steeply reduce your repair bills.

5. Automation

Home automation is one of the fastest growing trends in America. As a matter of fact, it’s projected that 58% of the country will own at least one smart home device in the next 24 months.

Energy efficient HVAC systems understand that trend and the benefits “Internet of Things” integration can bring to homeowners. Consequently, new HVAC systems work with smart climate tools like Nest and EcoBee.

With that integration, you can control the temperature of your house from your mobile phone which means no more accidentally cooling the house while people are at work. It also means that you’ll never have to step into an underheated or undercooled house when you get home.

The deep control automation gives you over modern HVAC systems can save you hundreds every year!

6. Government Incentives

You’d think that with all of the benefits energy efficient HVAC systems bring to consumers, most people would be inspired to buy one on a system’s merit alone. To further sweeten the deal though, the government has stepped in (in certain states) to offer additional cash incentives.

These incentives come in the form of rebates. You’ll simply send your state’s energy department proof of purchasing an approved system, and they’ll mail you a check.

Why do states do this?

As more people flood into certain areas, cities are having trouble investing in their energy grid to ensure that adequate power can be supplied to households and businesses. To slow down the amount of stress put on systems, governments are awarding homeowners that are flexing the amount of energy they use when heating and cooling their home.

Wrapping Up How An Energy Efficient HVAC Keeps More Money In Your Pocket

We’ve just outlined how everything from government incentives to home automation can make energy efficient HVAC systems accessible and more responsive to your heating and cooling needs.

Those benefits all lead to a singular end… More comfort at less cost for your family.

If you’re interested in upgrading your current HVAC system to one that can save you hundreds (and possibly more) each year, our team can help.

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