At R.J. Groner Inc., we have innovative tools and the latest training to help you with any Heat Pump Repair in Stroudsburg, PA., and throughout the Pocono Mountains.

Stroudsburg winters tend to be snowy and extremely cold. Whether you have noticed that your heat pump is struggling to keep your house warm or cool enough or making strange noises, it is highly advisable to call for professional heat pump repair services. HVAC experts have the tools to diagnose the cause of your heat pump problem and complete necessary repairs quickly and safely.

Having your heat pump back on before temperatures begin to plummet enhances comfort and safety in your house. Professional heat pump repair technicians will also restore your heat pump to its full functionality. You can expect our highly trained team to address all of your heat pump issues to save you time and money.

Stroudsburg’s Trusted Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump is integral to the comfort and safety of your Stroudsburg, PA home. It can warm your property during the cold winter months and provide cool air during the hot summer months. Since you use your heat pump all year, it is likely to run into various issues. Heat pump issues might result from a broken component, a faulty circuit breaker, thermostat issues, a broken reversing valve, a worn starter capacitor, or dirty parts.

You can always tell when your heat pump requires professional repair by paying attention to these signs:

  • Strange noises
  • Higher energy bills
  • Room temperature air
  • Poor temperature control
  • Frequent cycling