Adding Radiant Heating in Stroudsburg, PA, creates a new level of indoor comfort during the winter. Instead of relying on ductwork and vent registers, radiant floor heating systems go under your floor. The natural rising of hot air allows these systems to efficiently heat every room in your home. Add a touch of luxury while also efficiently heating your home with this revolutionary option. The team at R.J. Groner Inc. has the experience and expertise to bring this type of heating to your home today.

Radiant Floor Heating Services in East Stroudsburg

When you think of heating systems for your home, you likely think of heat pumps or furnaces. While these systems are effective, radiant floor heating is another viable option that provides a touch of elegance to your home. Instead of relying on ductwork, radiant floor heating relies on a series of electrical wires or hot water pipes that run under your home’s flooring. Since heat naturally rises, these systems provide even heating throughout your home. Of the two options, hydronic heating, the type that relies on hot water pipes, is the most popular.

The installation process is relatively simple and straightforward. Depending on the amount of space that exists under your flooring, your installer will advise you about which type is the right fit for your home. In general, it takes two to three days to completely install a radiant floor heating system in a 2,000-square-foot home.