Scheduling Sewer Repair in Mount Pocono, PA, at the first sign of trouble could spare you the stress, hassle, and cost of a major sewer line failure. Your sewer line has a tough job carrying wastewater and solid waste away from your home.

Most of what it carries gradually breaks down with movement, but there are constant threats to the steady flow of effluence. Aggressive tree and weed roots and extreme temperature fluctuations put your residential sewer lines at risk of blockages and rupture.

With our sewer service, you can identify sewer line problems early on and resolve them easily and cost-effectively. You can also consistently keep your sewer line in excellent condition to avoid major blockages and backups altogether.

Mount Pocono Sewer Repair Services

Whether leading to an underground septic tank or traveling to the municipal sewer main, the sewer line on your Mount Pocono property plays an important role in preserving the health and habitability of your home. If this line becomes obstructed or structurally compromised, dangerous blackwater could back up through drains or develop a sunken, smelly yard.

Common signs of serious and fast-developing sewer line issues include:
  • Foul-smelling, slow-moving drains
  • Increased tree, weed, or lawn growth
  • Increased insects or rodents
  • Standing wastewater in your yard or paved areas

There are also several common causes of sewer line problems. If you have many trees on your property, their roots can enter your sewer line through gaps and cracks. If you have an older sewer line, roots can sometimes break through the pipes.

This is also true of many aggressive backyard weeds. Once in, the abundant moisture and nutrients support exponential growth.

Conditions leading to sewage backup begin well before you notice. Over time, build-ups of minerals and scale decrease the diameter of sewer lines so that effluence has less room to flow. These build-ups often have rough edges that can snag solids that would otherwise flow through. This can create tough blockages.

It’s also worth noting that sewer lines don’t last forever. The sewer line on your Mount Pocono property will eventually need replacing, whether PVC, cast iron, cement, or clay. Stay abreast of age and wear-related changes and identify problems early by scheduling preventive sewer service every two to three years.

Sewer repair service always starts with diagnosis. Non-invasive camera line inspections can identify the exact location and size of obstructions.

Based on your budget, the needs of your property, and the type of sewer line issue you’re dealing with, we’ll use techniques like cure-in-place or pulled-in-place pipes, hydro-jetting, or hydro-steaming. These treatments restore wastewater flow, eliminate stubborn build-ups, and leave drains high-functioning and fresh-smelling.