VRF systems in Stroudsburg, PA are a type of HVAC system that relies primarily on refrigerant as a means of heating and cooling.

This system functions at high capacity, making it one of the most efficient HVAC systems on the market today. EVR systems in Stroudsburg function more as an add-on to an existing HVAC system. EVR stands for Energy Recover Ventilator, and it uses an exchanger to purify and dehumidify air in the building.

This type of system doesn’t affect the temperature inside a building. Instead, it moves the air more effectively inside and outside of the building using a wheel system.

Both of these systems rely on a central unit that can connect to either one room or several rooms, making these systems ideal for commercial spaces or multi-family housing units.

These systems also don’t rely on ducting, which can crack and leak needed hot or cold air. The use of refrigerant lines makes these types of systems more efficient at heating, cooling, and cleaning your indoor air quality.