As a homeowner, you know that running your air conditioning system throughout the summertime can be an added expense for your family. You want to ensure that you’re getting the most possible out of the money that you spend on your monthly energy bills. By following the advice that we’re going to offer below, you can ensure that you are.

Open Up Your Vents

There are a number of vents throughout your home that allow the air to circulate throughout your air conditioning system. In order to have adequate circulation, all these vents need to remain open and free from obstructions. You should take a couple of moments every month to walk around each room in your home and assess if there’s anything in the way of your vents.

It’s not uncommon for items to get pushed in front of vents without you really noticing it. For example, you may have rearranged your living room and not realized that the couch has blocked your supply vent. You’ll want to ensure that there is a clear flow of air out of the vent and into the center of the room.

Keep Debris Off Your Condenser

Just like the vents throughout your house need adequate space, so does your outdoor condenser unit. Unfortunately, your outdoor unit is more exposed to various elements like rain, snow, sleet, wind gusts. This can cause loose debris like leaves and twigs to get stuck up against the outside of the condenser unit.

When this happens, it restricts the airflow of the outdoor unit, which makes it’s not capable of getting rid of the heat from inside of your home. Do yourself a favor and clean up around your condenser unit every couple of weeks and after any major storms blow through.

Check Your Air Filter Often

The air filter on your air conditioning system is responsible for removing unwanted pollutants and other debris from the air inside your home. Whenever your filter reaches the end of its lifespan, it will become clogged up with debris. When this happens, it obstructs the normal airflow through your air conditioning system and decreases its overall efficiency.

To ensure that your air conditioning system is always running efficiently, you should be checking your air filter every couple of weeks. Anytime that you pull the filter out and are no longer able to see through it, you need to replace it.

Clean Your Coils

In order to produce cold air for your home, your air conditioning system has two sets of coils. Inside of these coils, there is a substance called refrigerant. This refrigerant pulls the heat out of the air inside of your home and transfers it out.

As your air conditioning system runs, debris like dust can get stuck up against these coils. As the dust barrier covers your coils, less heat is transferred to the refrigerant and out of your home. For this reason, it’s advisable that you clean your evaporator and condenser coils every month. You can easily clean these coils with a specialized foam cleansing agent designed for air conditioner coils.

Assess Your Thermostat’s Location

Your thermostat is the brain behind your entire air conditioning system. It’s responsible for reading the temperature inside of your home and telling your air conditioning system when to turn on and shut off. Wherever your thermostat is placed plays a role in how often your air conditioning system runs.

If your thermostat is positioned where it receives direct sunlight during a portion of the day, it will read a higher indoor temperature than your home actually is. In addition, having your thermostat placed next to appliances like a television or a light can also cause false high readings. This will cause your thermostat to tell your air conditioning system to turn on even though your home is already at a cool and comfortable temperature.

Take a few moments and look over your thermostat’s location and see if there are any appliances or sunlight that could be skewing its ability to provide the correct indoor temperature reading. If so, you will need a move your thermostat to a different location. Ensure that it still remains near the center of your home so that it can give an accurate reading of the air inside of your home.

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