Plumbing issues regarding your toilet need to be addressed promptly to prevent further damage and costly repairs. Leaving small problems unattended can overwhelm the toilet and provoke bigger problems. Most toilet issues result from inappropriate handling and a lack of proper maintenance. If you notice these toilet concerns, reach out your professional plumber to resolve them immediately.

Clogged Toilet

The main toilet problem you should never ignore is clogging. When your toilet has a clog, drainage will suffer greatly. You’ll notice that when the bowl refills, it could take ages to drain. Toilet clogs sometimes occur when you flush baby wipes, paper towels, sanitary pads, or other foreign objects down your toilet. Human waste and tissue paper are the only items you should ever try to flush.

When your toilet has a clog, you might also notice bubbles. These often occur when your vent has a blockage, preventing smooth airflow. When you notice clogs in your toilet in Stroudsburg or the surrounding area, turn to our skilled plumbers at R.J. Groner Inc..

We offer award-winning drain cleaning services to resolve toilet clogs. Regardless of the severity, our team can handle it. Once you call us, we will do a thorough job of clearing the drain lines. We also offer quality plumbing maintenance service to keep your sewer system and drain lines fully functional.

Water Runs Continually

Another common toilet problem you shouldn’t leave unattended is when water runs continuously. If you note that the water won’t stop running into the toilet tank after flushing, you should call a plumber. Such a toilet problem occurs when the fill valve is faulty.

The fill valve stops water flow into the toilet tank when it has reached the recommended level. If the fill valve becomes old and dysfunctional, the water will just keep running. When the toilet malfunctions in this way, a vast amount of water can be wasted every day. Leaving the issue unresolved for long could lead to higher utility bills.

Cracked Toilet Seat

Another common toilet problem you shouldn’t ignore is a cracked toilet seat. Imagine sitting on the toilet only to fall because you never noticed a crack on the lid? Toilet cracks pose a great risk to toilet users and can lead to falls and injuries if not repaired.

When you notice cracks on your toilet seat, get a plumber to correct the situation promptly. Fixing the cracks won’t be the best way out in most instances. Replacing the cracked seat is usually the best long-term solution.

The Toilet Does Not Flush

When you notice that your toilet does not flush, have it fixed as soon as possible. A toilet that won’t flush often signifies a faulty toilet or a drain line obstruction. In some cases, the problem occurs when the pipes have accumulated mineral deposits. These aren’t necessarily problems you should tackle by yourself because DIY approaches can worsen the situation. Plumbing specialists have the skills and tools to unlock your drain line and repair the toilet defect to restore its functional state.

Sweaty Toilet

A common toilet problem you should get addressed soon is sweatiness. A toilet that’s wet or sweaty could signify a bigger problem. The main cause of toilet sweatiness is extreme humidity in your bathroom. Failing to resolve the humidity issue increases the risk of your bathroom floor rotting or mold forming in the area.

Get a professional to install a fan in the bathroom to correct such an issue. They could also make necessary upgrades to enhance bathroom ventilation.

Rocking Toilet

Lastly, never leave a rocking toilet unattended for long. When the toilet rocks, it can create many other bigger problems. It can cause leaks, costing you more to repair. Many things can lead to a rocking toilet. This occurs when the floor is saggy, the flange is faulty, the wax ring has deteriorated, or flange bolts have broken.

When you call your plumber, they will recommend the best solution, depending on the cause of the problem. If the toilet flange is at fault, it should be replaced. If the floor is uneven or sagging, both a good plumber and a good carpenter may be required to address the issue.

These are common toilet problems that ought to be delegated to a plumber. For quality solutions to plumbing problems, rely on our experienced plumbing experts at R.J. Groner Inc.. We have a solid track record of providing high-quality sump pumps, water heaters, and boiler installation and repair services. We also provide excellent leak detection and drain cleaning services. In fact, you can rely on us for all your plumbing concerns. Besides that, we furnish duct cleaning and sealing, indoor air quality services, and heating and cooling installation, repair, and maintenance. For any of those options, call us at R.J. Groner Inc. today.

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