It is vital that homeowners know that as fall approaches, furnace maintenance becomes more essential. Since your heater has likely spent a large amount of time inactive, it is a good idea to start the colder months with a furnace running as efficiently as possible.

The Importance of Fall Maintenance

With regular maintenance, you can effectively squash a small issue that could eventually turn into a major problem. The signs of these issues start early, and a trained technician will notice them and correct them for you. If you allow these problems to go unnoticed, you risk having an inconvenient repair in the middle of the winter.

Another reason you need furnace maintenance is that efficient energy usage will greatly benefit you. However, energy efficiency is a two-sided coin in that good efficiency will prevent issues and save money whereas the worsening of efficiency has the opposite effect.

In addition, were something to go wrong in your furnace, there is a good chance that any warranty you had would become null and void if you have not kept up with regular maintenance. Therefore, simply getting a tune-up every once in a while is enough to ensure a longer lifespan for your heater.

What Is Included in Furnace Maintenance?

During furnace maintenance, your technician will relieve some of the wear and tear since the last maintenance appointment. They will do this through actions like lubricating the moving parts. Since your heater is a system that requires the use of all components to do its job efficiently, one malfunctioning part will have an effect on all the others.

They will also examine the electrical components. These are the parts that tend to cause significant issues for a homeowner. The technician will check for damaged wires or loose connections and will tighten or replace them if necessary. In addition, they will check the burner flame sensor and calibrate the thermostat if they find that it is not accurately regulating the temperature. Finally, a very important part of this phase is to test the safety controls.

The technician will check the air intake grilles and vent system and also clean both of these areas if necessary. They will remove your air filter and check it for damage, too. If there is damage, they will replace it with a new filter.

There are a few other steps your technician will go through to increase the efficiency of your furnace:

  • Examining the belts
  • Testing the blower motor and its amp draw
  • Removing any debris from the blower
  • Checking heat exchanger for damage

Homeowners with an oil or gas furnace may notice the technician performs a few extra steps. For instance, they will check your fuel lines. They will also test your gas pressure and burner as well as your electronic ignition or pilot. These steps are extremely important. Leaky fuel lines could pose an increased danger to you and your family the more they go unnoticed. In addition, issues with your burner, gas pressure, and pilot light could mean that you may need to consider replacing your furnace before the winter comes.

When you receive furnace maintenance, it is understood that your heater is likely doing fine, yet it requires a tune-up now and then to ensure that it stays that way. In between scheduled maintenance, your unit may go through changes that decrease the indoor air quality of your home. That means you could face problems with humidity, respiratory health, and a collection of soot in your house, which could damage wood surfaces. That’s why it is recommended that you have maintenance performed once a year.

The best time to schedule your furnace maintenance is before the colder months come when you will begin to use your furnace again. That way, you can start the fall with less wear and tear from previous months. In addition, your heater will be refreshed and working to the best of its ability when it is needed most.

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