A Sewer Camera Inspection is a process used to assess the condition of sewer lines and detect any issues. It involves inserting a small, waterproof camera attached to a flexible rod into the sewer line. This camera is then used to provide an inside view of the pipe. The process allows for visual inspection of cracks, breaks, tree root intrusions, and other problems. The camera also measures pipe diameter and locates obstructions in the line. If your sewer pipe is cracked, clogged, crushed, or disconnected, a sewer camera inspection will enable your plumber to detect the issue.

Reasons You Should Consider Sewer Camera Inspection

A sewer camera inspection is useful in residential and commercial plumbing maintenance. Camera inspections comprehensively view your plumbing system and detect any abnormalities. Here are reasons you should opt for a sewer camera inspection over other methods.

Identify Potential Problems Quickly

Sewer camera inspections help you diagnose problems within the sewer line early before they turn into more extensive issues. Identifying problems early can save time and money by avoiding costly repairs. Sewer camera inspections help you determine the best action to address the identified issue without guessing or taking apart sections of pipe.

Saves Money

With an adequate diagnosis of a tedious problem like an obstructed sewer pipe, you could be looking at additional costs from repair work. Some repair procedures involve damaging the system’s structure. Preventing disruptions with a thorough inspection can save time and money on costly repairs. You will also avoid the inconveniences caused by clogs or breaks in your lines.


Some sewer line issues may threaten the integrity of your property. If toxic sewer water backs up into your compound, home, or business, you could be dealing with a severe health hazard. Prevent such challenges by using the sewer camera inspection since it is non-invasive. You do not need to dig up your compound to find the root cause of the problem. This inspection can provide an accurate diagnosis and assessment of the area with minimal disruption.

Types of Sewer Problems the Sewer Camera Inspection Can Detect

Plant/Tree Root Penetration

One benefit of the camera sewer inspection is detecting root penetration, which is one of the leading causes of blocked or broken pipes. This infiltration occurs when roots find their way into drains and sewer pipes, creating blockages, flooding, and more damage to your property. With a camera inspection, you can identify the location and extent of any root involvement before attempting a repair. This allows you to make sound decisions regarding the fixes needed.

Collapsed/Broken Pipes

A property owner’s worst nightmare is discovering a damaged or broken sewer line on their property. Fortunately, a sewer camera inspection can detect this type of issue easily. It can also discover other issues, such as collapsed pipes caused by shifting soils and/or freezing temperatures. Some pipes experience the separation of sections due to inadequate seals. With a sewer camera inspection, these problems are identified with accuracy. Investing in such an inspection may be more affordable than costly excavation services.

Sagging or Billowing Pipes

The sewer camera inspection can detect any sagging or billowing pipes and help you identify the best solution. Some of the helpful solutions include trenchless repair or pipe replacement. This problem typically occurs when the pipes become weak or corroded due to age, allowing them to collapse and fill with waste material. This can cause blockages and other drainage issues and increase your risk of a costly repair job.


Major blockages in your sewer line result in costly repairs and disruption to your home’s sewer system. As such, have regular sewer camera inspections to ensure blockages are detected and addressed. Regular inspections of the sewer lines with a camera can save you time and money by avoiding costly damage from undetected blockages.

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A sewer camera inspection is an essential tool for diagnosing and maintaining the health of your sewer line. This simple and cost-effective method of inspecting your property’s sewer system can identify issues before they become costly and inconvenient. If you’re considering a sewer camera inspection, contact us today to get the process started. Our team of experienced professionals will provide an in-depth assessment of your sewer line and help identify any potential problems. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure that issues are discovered and addressed immediately. If you’re looking for reliable sewer camera inspection services in Stroudsburg, PA., contact R.J. Groner Inc. today to initiate the process.

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